ToorCamp: Ronin – A Platform for Publishing and Mayhem

I was pretty surprised and pleased when ToorCon finally released videos of the talks at ToorCamp 2009. At this years ToorCon: San Diego DVDs of the talks, pressed by MediaArchives, were handed out. Thanks to Mr. Pierce for grabbing a copy of my talk on Ronin and getting it back to me for transcoding/uploading. The full talk has been transcoded to Ogg Theora and uploaded to If you have a Vimeo account, you can download the original ogg file as well.

ToorCamp: Ronin – A Platform for Publish and Mayhem

Original slides can be found here, in XHTML form.

Thanks go out to flatline and evoltech for going with me to ToorCamp, providing transportation and helping hitch-hike back when our van broke down. Also extra thanks to evoltech for letting me use his SUV sized laptop to run the slides on.


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