New project mailing lists

As I’ve begun to get increasing amounts of email from other developers and users, I’ve wondered whether it’s time to setup some mailing-lists.

Well, thanks to the efforts of Franck D’agostini, Spidr now has a mailing-list. I hope this mailing-list will help foster interesting discussions between users/developers and possible improvements to Spidr.

I also took the liberty of setting up an IRC channel for Spidr, since IRC is still a mainstay of developers (although I like XMPP a little more). Just join #spidr on

Seeing the potential for how mailing-lists can help a project, I also setup a Google Group for Ronin. Obvious Privacy Warning: Since Google indexes pretty much everything, sketchy discussions relating to Ronin should probably happen somewhere beyond Google’s reach, for one’s own security and privacy.

So yeah, let’s see what will happen.


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