Hello GitHub

I was pretty surprised (and pleased) to wake up on Monday and see ~20 people watching Ronin on GitHub. Ronin made the cut and got featured in GitHub Rebase #2 as a new project on the site. Now the majority of the traffic going to ronin.rubyforge.org comes from github.com. This goes to show that GitHub truly is a social-code-hosting website, not just a place to stash your code.

A small note for those watching Ronin on GitHub, most of the fun and wild refactoring happens in Ronin’s many other git repositories. Check them out as well, there’s some cool stuff in there.

For those of you who are new to Ronin and interested in giving it a spin, I suggest checking out the Everyday Ronin HOWTO and the FAQ. For those more interested in the code, I direct you to the wiki and the Living on the Edge with Ronin HOWTO to get the absolute latest code-base. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to ask of me. You can find my contact information for Ronin here (psss: we also have an IRC channel).

Speaking of feedback, I recently registered an Ohloh account and added many of my projects to the site. Ohloh is a handy tool for getting an overview of the quality and activity of one’s code-base. For instance, it’s pretty interesting to see how Ronin’s code-base compares to other more main-stream infosec frameworks.


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