Living on the Edge with Ronin and Sake

Say, do you want to live on the absolute edge of Ronin development? Now you totally can with Sake. Sake, which was written by Chris Wanstrath, stands for System-Wide Rake. With Sake you can install Rake Tasks that can be executed from any directory using the sake command. Using the Ronin development sake script, you can quickly clone, update and install the latest (and sometimes dangerous) Ronin code.

  1. Install Git, if you already haven’t:

    • On Debian:

      $ sudo apt-get install git-core

    • On Fedora:

      $ sudo yum install git-core

    • On Gentoo:

      $ sudo emerge dev-util/git

  2. Install Sake:

    $ sudo gem install sake

  3. Install the Ronin Sake tasks:

    $ sake -i

  4. Clone the Ronin Git repositories:

    $ sake ronin:clone

    Note: This will create a directory named ‘ronin’ in your current working
    directory that contains the Git repositories for Ronin and it’s libraries.

  5. Install the latest Ronin code:

    $ sake ronin:install

    Warning: Since you are working with the absolutely latest changes, not
    everything might work as expected.

  6. (Optional) Updating the Ronin Git repositories and installing the latest changes:

    $ sake ronin:update
    $ sake ronin:install


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