irc respect and side projects

As I was doing my usual thang in IRC, just idling and occasionally posting a question, I finally got some respect for my developing hacker rap skills. When I passed by the ##security tab in my IRC client I noticed they were taking votes on what the new channel topic should be, so I threw down some characters.

<Kryczek> what should we put ?
<nuroco> Yeah, sorry about that
<gdfuego> "Security is for people with something to hide"
<nuroco> set by nuroco
<postmodern> "when the pigs in your stack, pop it likes its not"
<nuroco> Security is ** **** ** **** ****
<Kryczek> postmodern: ahh, not bad :)
--> BJWisch (n=BJWisch@ has joined ##security
<gdfuego> I like it
<nuroco> me2
--- ChanServ gives channel operator status to Kryczek
<-- jas01 has quit ("1+1 = 2")
--- Kryczek has changed the topic to: < postmodern> "when the pigs in your
stack, pop it likes its not"

In other news I’ve been busy with about four different side-projects of mine. I already got the rubyforge projects registered and most of the code already posted in Subversion. I’m still documenting the code and writing Rakefiles using hoe, once that’s completed I can publish the RubyGems for everyone’s enjoyment. In the meantime, be on the lookout for the following projects coming soon to an IRB near you:

  • RToolchain – RToolchain is a Ruby interface to various toolchains and other compilers or assemblers. Currently RToolchain supports the GNU toolchain and NASM.
  • RPaste – RPaste provides access to many of the online paste services. Currently RPaste supports NoPaste and PasteBin.
  • Raingrams – Raingrams is a flexible and general-purpose ngrams library written in Ruby. Raingrams supports any non-zero ngram size, text/non-text grams, multiple parsing styles and open/closed vocabulary models.
  • TextHunt – TextHunt is an author profiling utility which uses the Raingrams library for text analysis. TextHunt provides meaningful statistics for a group of authors based on their individual writings.

Most all of these side-projects tie into another giant Ruby project of mine (which is currently undergoing heavy refactoring) that begins with the letter ‘R’ and rhymes with “ownin”, but that’s a topic for a future post.


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