omg! Shoes

Shoes! No not the footwear, the code type for running windows. Yes those shoes.

Shoes is yet another cleverly named piece of code from _why?, this time a small toolkit for creating cross-platform user-interfaces. One of the things that makes Shoes standout is that it incorporates design ideas that one would recognize from web-design (CSS floats perhaps?). Another appealing feature of Shoes is that it uses the native windowing API of the platform that it runs on (unlike FXRuby which uses the FOX Toolkit). This means GUIs with Shoes that run on Windows would look and feel like Windows apps, but on OSX they would look and feel like OSX apps. I hope to see Shoes grow in the near future as I certainly would like to use it in my current and future Ruby projects.

You know, sometimes I wonder if _why?s project naming scheme is a giant conspiracy to increase the amount of software development related puns. Now that’s a conspiracy I could live with!


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