Processing and Data Visualizations with Ruby

If you’re interested in creating Data Visualizations but haven’t heard of Processing, definitely check it out immediately. Processing is an open source programming language and environment (built on-top of Java with lots of happy convenience methods) that can create dynamically generated images, animations and interactive visualizations. Processing also boasts many built-in and 3rd party libraries. One very useful infosec application of Processing is creating interactive Data Visualizations.

In fact, some people are already using Processing’s artistic functionality to create infosec data-visualizations. Now if only someone would make a network analysis visualization that looked something like this, that, or even this. (The gridtunnels image reminds me too much of the movie Hackers.)

But some of you might be thinking “but Processing is based on Java, and this post is tagged as ruby, what gives?”. Well as Mark Chadwick of Hipsters Inc. explains one can use Processing with JRuby. By utilizing JRuby and Processing one has the best of both worlds, the graphical flexibility of Processing alongside the data-crunching power of Ruby.


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